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Summer English Language Programs

Summer ESL programs in the United States are an exciting opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the English language while experiencing American culture.

The combination of language instruction and living with an American family maximizes the student’s exposure to the English-speaking world in a personal and friendly atmosphere.

Class sizes are generally small to take advantage of one-on-one instruction and to provide a safe and comfortable environment that allows the student to experiment with their language development.  In addition to English language development, many ESL Summer Programs work toward helping each student make the necessary adjustments for success while attending American secondary schools and colleges.

“A full immersion language program like ours offers students the opportunity to develop their English language skills in a classroom setting, and even more importantly, with their host families and during the many activities planned for students to use their language skills in many different settings. Six weeks of full immersion in a language and culture provides our students with the skill sets necessary for success during the academic year and as a result many of the members of our summer program go on to become school leaders,” said Roberto Abele, ESL Summer Program Director at St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont.

In addition to English language instruction, many ESL summer programs offer additional academic courses in subjects such as math, to aid students in their English language development. To assist with future plans for attending an American college or university, most ESL programs offer a course preparing students to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.

As the student learns material in the classroom, it is reinforced daily with afternoon and weekend activities; including trips to American cities, outdoor adventure activities, arts, and athletics. Using new language skills in real-life situations is the key to developing life-long language skills. Typically all students will be asked to speak only English while attending ESL summer programs.

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